Welcome to FEIWA

Feiwa (Shanghai) Garments is a pre-eminent wholesale producer of high-end ladies fashion jackets.

With a strong track record of quality, style, competitiveness and reliability, Feiwa has an extensive legion of prominent, loyal corporate customers across the EU, Asia, North America and Australia.

Steered by an international management team, Feiwa has been producing women’s jackets to customer specifications in Asia for more than 15 years.

With the flexibility to accept orders of as little as 250 pieces, the company has long been a favorite of mail-order buyers in Europe and the US.

Attention to detail, rapid response to customer concerns and the ability to tailor products according to specific markets and buyer requirements has also helped Feiwa forge a solid reputation.

Today, the firm is part of a multi-national network of offices and production facilities – with a collective focus on not just meeting, but going above and beyond the expectations of all its international customers.

Together with its repertory of reliable, fastidious factories in China and Vietnam, Feiwa genuinely provides businesses a leading edge via its diverse collection of high quality, competitively priced winter and spring jackets.

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